BLASHYRKH was taken from one of Immortal song on the "Battles in the North" album. Founded by Mifta, Ryan, Rifqi, and Ghofur after in August 2012. In 2013, Resiyan join to Blashyrkh to fill left guitar position. This band was played loudly from gig to gig and some high school innaguration at their hometown and another cities. And they decided to recorded their material songs at 2013 at MD Home Recording Studio and proccessed for mixing and mastering by Hamzah Kusbiyanto at AL Studio Semarang. Finally, in june 1st 2014 they launched their single debut and official video titled "Mranggenavian Hvnger" consist of combination between Death Metal and their hometown folk taste in this song lyrics.On October 2014 Iman join with Blashyrkh to backup the second drums position when Ghofur decided to Work in other city. and in June 2015 Resiyan leave the band after they decided to wrote and recording their material songs at MD Home Recording Studio and Coco Home Recording, then replaced by new guitarist Andreas, Blashyrkh start to combine some harmonic and chromatic scale riffings on guitar and groovy-blastbeat part on drums. all material songs consist between newschool and oldschool death metal pattern for upcoming full-length debut album on 2016.


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