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Derived from Depok, Burning Flame begin their work in 2004. One of the bands pride Depok, Burning Flame brings a vision to bring the name of Depok to deeper levels than ever before in the world of indie music, especially underground. Tries with a more modern sound mixed with a bandage beat old skool and do not forget the metalcore elements carried by Burning Flame, especially in this first album. Early emergence of Burning Flame in 2004 did not directly hit the underground music scene. Even in 2005, Burning Flame was sidelined for about a year at gigs, gigs. Absence due to Burning Flame is still looking for a strong enough character to fight the world's Underground. The first album is titled "Seven Fire" will be released in October 2011. With 10 social-themed song material, the album was done with a very serious and mature, both in arrangement, composition, quality sound to the album cover artwork concept. The album that has long awaited it's also got a very good response by the public and the fans.


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