Curly and me

Two best-friend and songwriting partners, Ganesha Wibisana and Aris Naufal Malik form a pop-rock and folk infuence duo in 2016. CURLY & ME introduces duet-singing with close harmony parts, also 50’s & 60’s vibe onto their songs and performances. Under heavy influences from The Everly Brothers, Louvin Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beach Boys, Koes Bersaudara and many more; the duo are trying to bring back the intimacy and uniqueness of those super-groups into today’s modern era of music industry. First Day of Summer and Ordinary Friend are the debut singles that the duo aim to please people everywhere in the world, who still enjoy music as their part of lifestyle. First Day of Summer is a ballad song that features the duo signature close-vocal-duet, while Ordinary Friend is a pop song which features lyrics about friendship and love.


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