• Mr Rumput

  • Rama Adhitya

  • Ario 'Lebok' Nugroho

  • Nur Mahdi Amin

  • Bayu Satria

  • Christo Putra


Reggae with punk rock attitude!

D’JENKS: Reggae with punk rock attitude from Jakarta, Indonesia!

D'Jenks is a band that blends elements of reggae with punk rock attitude, with current personnel Mr. grass (vocals), Rama Adhitya (guitar), Bayu Satria (keyboards), Christo Putra (drums), Ario Nugroho (guitar), Nur Mahdi Amin (Bass) formed in 2003 from the community Under ' Moestopo ' Ground and Univ. Sahid.

D'Jenks music affected by Toots and The Maytals, Operation Ivy, The Dead 60 's up to The Clash. Reggae music that D'Jenks’ played more use of guitar distortion with raw sound because they don't want to get hung up on stereotype that it's Bob Marley and reggae should not be only yellow red green, because it is actually wider than that.

In 2010 D'Jenks participated in the compilation of the "Return of the rootbois vol. 1" is a compilation of the band's ska and reggae from Indonesia released by Revival Records. 

Later in the song "Prison Blues" included in a compilation of "Life Is Beautiful", which was initiated by the community music Jakarta Art Institute through Maximum Soul Records, besides Prison Blues was also selected to fill the original soundtrack of the movie "Arisan 2" by Nia Dinata.

2013 D'Jenks released their first full length album helped by Paviliun Records for production and Demajors for distribution. Subsequent releases, the band also could've been at buy at Itunes and Spotify. 

Their hits “Reggae on The Stereo” have a part in a compilation of ska reggae vol. 30th 2013 blog original Ska Reggae & skanimat.wordpress.com Spain. D'Jenks also worked with Sinema Pinggiran to release a video clip of another single “Jalan Panjang Yang Berliku” past 2014.

In the year 2015, single “Kala Musik Bergema Jilid.1”  released by Offbeat Recordst participate in the compilation of the "Indonesia Reggae Sounds", a reggae band from all over Indonesia. And by 2015 is also the D'Jenks formed Soundclash Records finally released Soundclash vol. 1 a three way split of the band that has roots in Jamaican music i.e. The Skabanton (Surabaya) and James Steady (Cirebon).


1. Return Of The Rootbois Vol. 1 – Move On (single) / Revival Records (2010)
2. Life Is Beautiful – Prison Blues / Maximum Soul Records(2011)
3. OST. Arisan 2 – Prison Blues / Aksara Records (2012)
4. Reggae on the Stereo / Skanimat Reggae Compilation, Spain (2013)
5. D’Jenks ‘Selftitled’ Album / D’Jenks & Paviliun Records (2013)
6. Indonesia Reggae Sounds Compilation - Kala Musik Bergema Jilid.1 / Offbeat Records (2015)

7. Soundclash Vol.1 – Three Way Split with James Steady (Cirebon), The Ska Banton (Surabaya) – Soundclash Records (2015)

8. D’Jenks; Live and Raw – Live and Singles special release for Record Store Day 2016 – Soundclash Records (2016)


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