Dope Centre Foundation

DCF (acronym of Dope Centre Foundation) is an independent music group from Cianjur Indonesia, which was formed in 2011 in Cianjur, Indonesia. DCF member is Iank (guitar), Suy (Vocal), Arry (Guitar), Kiky (Bass), Ikhsan (Drum). The name originated from the idea of ​​Dian Ramli who suggested the name Dope Centre became the band's name, then Ismail Prihadi (Former Bassist) add names Foundation behind and eventually shortened to DCF Previously, the DCF members coming from bands of various genres such as Grunge, Hardcore, Indie Pop. Their songs tend to be upset, even though their music is basically pop music. At first glance, their songs feels like a quiet atmosphere, like to feel alone in the sky. Strains of the song they make listeners daydreaming , but evocative and full of emotion. DCF music influenced by the 90s era bands from U.S.A with Seattle Sound and U.K with Brit Pop Invassion. DCF is derived from the small town of Cianjur, they are proud of the city of their birth and do not want to be called as a band from Bandung like other bands that prestige to their own hometown as Cianjur that in fact for the indie pop scene is comparatively very less demand, but did not make DCF would change their musical concept.

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