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  • deden

  • Dio

    Bass guitar
  • Sitha

  • fadjar

  • bunga


Where did we spot "Eigengrau"? The Germany has a saying for the light which creates its own gray color known as Eigengrau. How we would unify the meaning into the characters of our band is the way our music alters the ignition of a gray light knowing that the last hope is in the harmony we create. Our music is like an ocean shining through the reflection of a moonlight where gray clouds and narrowed breeze can still bring hope to another night and keeping us safe until the next morning. Let's talk about who we are. Eigengrau is the colliding of many different bands into one portion of a whole bowl. In this one enthusiastic bowl, you may find flesh and blood of our cultural Indonesian humanity pouring into the harmony of percussion. It is like a cinnamon in a bowl of creamy flavored ice cream where you get the highlight as well as the intriguing taste. Now, imagine having a bowl of us in the middle of a Mediterranean Sea under the galaxy of gray sparkles. Starting by the middle of 2016, we were formed by our very own ambitious vocalist a.k.a. The and guitarist a.k.a. Deden when they were spurting each others' feelings about music and all those band talk. They both reconcile the true meaning of harmony and decided to hold each others' hands in creating a song delightedly to be out of the box known as Only You as our single. Obviously, playing a track on live performances would not be what we had in mind in committing music. So we tagged along our significant others--we shall call them Fadjar as our drummer; Dio as our bassist; Bunga and Nold as our percussionist; and Sita as our synthesizer--who are passionate to enlighten music together in perpetual to Eigengrau.


team leader fadjar - 0812 9494 8890