Hard rock band based in Bandung, Indonesia. Formed in late of 2010 In a first formation, they've been quartet rock group for a few years, Zhorif met Fahmy, in a high school classroom, Zhorif said "that he want to make a band, about rock", Then Fahmy take his idea with full of spirit, In a few days gone, Zhorif introduced his friend named Firda to Fahmy, And they're shares an idea about genre, and good music. In a few times they're learn and listening together to strains and riffs of 70's rock band, such as, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Edgar Winter, Black Sabbath, P. Floyd, etc. Although their skills were not suitable to play, they've been tryng to act like a punk or rock. Fahmy as vocal and guitar, Firda as bassist and Zhorif as Drum player. Take some noise and hell sweat everyday, in a studio


Wa :085724266101 / id line : zhorifsidiq / email : electracontra10@gmail.com