Fusion Kids

Fusion Kids or maybe you just call us fuse, existed since April, 3rd 2007. At the first, we suddenly stand only Faru ang Said. But, we still need drummer. Until one day, Said found Ganda... Faru was interested by Ganda's play. So he offered ganda as a drummer. Until, August Faru didn't serious with fuse. But, Said and Ganda still want this band exist. So Faru was being serious for Fuse. Fuse, this name was given by Ganda. and when we asked Ganda what's the meaning of Fusion Kids, He just answered it easy. " I like that name". Faru and Said have no problem about name. We just play music that we like so much. Punk...... All of us like it caused punk genre like burn the spirit of us..... But, we not only hear about punk song. Faru like accoustic, Ganda like reggae and Said love Jazz so much... whatever there are, fuse will play any genre if they like it....


Ganda - 082118782463