GAIJIN is a Thrash Crossover band, which is a merger between Thrash Metal and Hardcore which was formed in August 2017 in Tasikmalaya - Indonesia. Departing from the anxiety of the vocalist & bassist, Aang The Great will continue his long musical career in the music industry, but in the end find his roots again. Since its inception until now, GAIJIN has several member changes. The reason is only one, we didn’t get the right member raise the GAIJIN’s flag yet. Until now, GAIJIN has had various show experiences, including DCDC SHOUTOUT DAY, TASIKMALAYA BERSATU, and our last national event, called ROCK CAMPUS #124 in Jakarta in September 2019. This first single, HYPOCRITES is our debut as a thrash metal band, to express our concerns about the current socio-political situation of our country. With English lyrics, we hope that not only local audiences will hear our message, but also the international community will understand what we mean. The second single is called THRASHING MAD, this single give a portrait of GAIJIN’s existence in local metal community, which picturing that our path is being so hard to get attention again from the community, but we believe our hardwork will get paid soon. The third single is called QUO VADIS UNITY, history based on a massive riot in our city on December 26, 1996….tells that greedy will destroying everything, covered with ethnic issues which made everyone of us burned down. Apart from being included in the TASIKMALAYA KOMPILASI VOL.1 album (2017), these single HYPOCRITES has also been released in digital format independently (released in July 2020, by NETRILIS) and also THRASHING MAD itself added to ROCK ON METAL BROTHERHOOD COMPILATION VOL.5 ( digital release on October 2020 by SUMMER VIBES). Now, our singles can be streamed and downloaded on various national and international digital platforms. For our target in 2022, we hope that our next singles can be released soon, and hopefully will be followed by the launch of our EP and album. Hopefully…..