GLORYPOINT is BACK with fresh spirit and new album!

The long awaited Band will be back with the latest line up, Joshua (Guitar) and Eno (Drum). Along with them plus the originally members left Gustaf (Bass Vocal) also Hikari (Guitar), are having a deep bussines doing their next album which will be released by the end of 2016.

Glorypoint came from late 2005, in Jogjakarta City, the City Which is famous for its talented musician and artist.

Their 2012’s Debut Album “Better Days Better Life” containing 10 track, influenced by lot of Oi Punk Bands such as the bussiness oxymoron Blitz Ramones Cock Sparrer and so. As the working class band, some of the members will put a primary option in life, between studying or get in a job, so do with them. Glorypoint has kept on changing their line up, due to duties call to another places.

Yup, Gustaf moved to Surabaya, this City of Heroes gave him more spirit and passions to obtain some new songs. Later he met Hikari, Kumbang and Saiful (Bassist of Johny Old Friends), with them Glorypoint have had some gigs accomplished (mostly Oi Punk gigs like Sidoarjo Sing a Song, Surabaya Punk Fest, Surabaya Rockabilly Weekeder). Again, due to work duties and another priority make Glorypoint has to find another members who have willingness to continue the band’s road plan, the band’s got new blood on Guitar also Drums. On Guitar, an audio engineer for Surabaya Metal Band (Tikam) named Otto Busy will take a part. So do the Drums, Eno will continue Glorypoint’s Drum Cultivator, he’s the drum player for Surabaya HC band’s Fire Bender and also Surabaya Noise Grindcore’s band Raimu Koyok Kontolku.

On Monday August 08th 2016, Glorypoint have released a single from their upcoming awaiting album,

along we work together with Insting Creative Lab (Surabaya)


Glorypoint’s Latest Line Up:

Gustaf (Bass & Vocal)

Hikari (Gitar)

Otto Busy (Gitar)

Eno (Drum)



Demo album “ Fist . Shit . Eat “ (self release)

Kompilasi “ Tamasya “ (BOR Rec)

Kompilasi “ Words Of Rebel “ (RadicallDocs)

Kompilasi “ We Are The Young #2 “

(For Tommorow Rec)

Kompilasi ‘ Pukulan Maut “ (Kampret Rec)

Kompilasi “ Rise n Fight “ (Psywar Rec)

Kompilasi “ Frekuensi #4 “ (MiniMarkaz Rec)

Full Studio Album 2012 "Better Days Better Life"

Kompilasi " Oi made in indonesia " (Aggrobeat Recs Netherland)

Split album " GlorypoinT x Nacidos Del Odio (mexico) "

(Rusty Knife Recs France )


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