Julyusman Tanurrezal & The Raging Herd

  • Julyusman Tanurrezal

    Guitar & Vocal
  • Glory Sariang

  • Sukanto

  • Rafael Yefta


Julyusman Tanurrezal and The Raging Herd is a solo project by talented young guitarist Julyusman Tanurrezal. He is an active practitioner and passionate lover of blues-rock. He started the band in 2012 with bassist Glory Saringar, drummer Soekanto Kasyim and Rafael Yefta on keyboard. The name of the band “The Raging Herd” is to express the power of blues music and the passion of the people.

The four members of Julyusman Tanurrezal and The Raging Herd have all been studying Performing Arts at the Institut Musik Indonesia since 2010. In 2016, Soekanto and Rafael successfully completed their studies and graduated from the Institut.

Julyusman Tanurrezal and The Raging Herd released their first album “The Raging Herd” in March 2016 with 6 songs. The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many more. 


Booking Contact: +6285691413420 

Email: julyusman.tanurrezal@gmail.com