Keeper of d’death is a star between a hundred star from Bali island that wanna try their lucky factor in the whole world called ‘Music’. With ‘Core’ at their based and mixed with several kind and type of music that make this band take ‘Metalcore’ for their genre. Sounds so really rumbling at their laity ears but so interesting for them who wanna perspiring their body, bang their  head and move on their neck.
    The story begin on April 2010 with 5 puny boys armed to the teeth with “NICKY” holding his sticks,and “AGUNG PUTRA”&"FARDIAN" holding their guitars in different side,”QIBE” big finger for bass grip, and also high and deep screamed voice growl from “ROBY”

    Many scolding and vituperation from a lot of head that wont to see them at stage, but they still have many stock of support that lead them to created their creativity as well as they can, and now finally we can hear “see with ur eyes” and “deep into your blood” as a favorite song that the people loved too.