Mery Celeste

Short description of Mery Celeste, After being absence for a year, now Mery Celeste comes back with a new atmosphere. Mery Celeste has been established in 2013. The name of Mery Celeste was chosen by Rifqi Danu, the vocalist of Mery Celeste. The name of Mery Celeste was taken from the famous story of a cargo ship which was lost and found in the Atlantic Ocean. The members hope that the name will have a special meaning for the audiences, so that the audiences will enjoy the music of Mery Celeste like being wandered in the ocean. Mery Celeste consists of Rifqi Danu (Vocal), Rasit (Lead Guitar), Intan (Rhythm), Iqbal (Drum), and Ahmad (Bass). Mery Celeste has a special genre which is Rock Indie. Moreover, Mery Celeste has released the first single, which is known by “Orange”. The purposes of Mery Celeste are to bring some messages and moral values through music. Mery Celeste thinks that musicians should continue to entertain and work to make extraordinary musics to be remembered. The extraordinary musics can make histories and that will be inventories to the young generation.