MOUND is a heavy/hard rock band formed in Denpasar-Bali late of 2014, created by Adyt Dimas (vocalist), Owen Dihardja (guitarist), Ida Bagus Ananta (bassist), and Ijal Alfriansyah (drummer). Even if the concept is still under influenced by rock characteristics, MOUND created a different concept in musical-style and lyrics. The composition of music has a main form which slow on tempo, heavier notes, and darker lyrics. MOUND is closer to the compositions that inspired by several musical-style such as hard rock, desert & stoner rock, mostly heavy and fuzzy as well. MOUND had released an Extended Play which is the debut album titled “The Four Fundamental States of Matter”. Based on the musical-style and lyrics, MOUND is under influenced by several bands such as Sleep, Albatross Overdrive, Nebula, Kyuss, Stoned Jesus, Mars Red Sky, Black Rainbow, Om, Electric Wizard, Soundgarden, and The Cosmic Dead.



Contacts & Link

Phone: +62 821 4486 0788 / +62 857 9272 3377


Instagram: @moundmusic