Muchos Libre

Class act of live performances, Muchos Libre is a sweat-drenched gem of gut-wrenching satire delivered with an-ounce-too-much of barechestedness and fuck-it stage persona, a peculiar bunch of trouble makers overly obsessed with Lucha wrestling, surf cum garage rock, and asses. To be precise, middle-aged men's asses. 
 With the Fecal Jokers Twins, Dally (Korongmentah) and Dilla (Bagongtempur) Anbar heading the pack, Muchos Libre comprises of equally perverted gentlemen: Oki on bass, Ardian and Iki on guitars, and Hilman on fuckin drumss yeayuuh. 
 Without prior knowledge of any limits (and no sign of them willing to know what limits are meant for anyway), personal space, and self control (even towards one's self), Muchos Libre is still one of the fastest running RX King bikes on the road ready to snatch some old women's purses casually while on their way to the local farmers market.

Contact 085956691250