My Private Jessica

A group of quirky, fun-loving punk rockers from middle of town in Malang, My Private Jessica seem to take as much influence from modern pop-punk as they do from New Found Glory, Angels and Airwaves, Panic! At The Disco, and Hello Goodbye. Formed by high school friends in 2008, the group infused its playful brand of indie power pop with sugary sweetness, catchy dance beats, and enough energy to tire a group of five year olds. My Private Jessica is comprised of vocalist/keyboardist Oscar, bassist Denny, Guitarist Adit, and drummer Bagus. They released their first self-titled EP called “The Lifetime Chronicles Of Salt And Sugar” as a free download on Reverbnation and MySpace in 2009. In September 12th 2014, they released a single called “Inertia”, the band continues to spread happiness around with their music and today they are working on their second e.p, due to be released in 2015. Let’s wait for it, shall we?


Bian (+6285646777454)