Party at Eden or P.A.E for short, currently consists of Hadi Harsono (Bass), Victor Ibanez Dimarzio (Lead Guitar),Silvester Dani Pratama ( Rhytm Guitar ) and Vincent Atmadja (Drum/Percussion). The band was formed and led by Vincent on February 2021, which most of the members are based on North Jakarta. PAE’s main genre is Djent, but they also add many spices and elements from Modern Progressive Metal, Groove Metal, Metalcore and also Post-hardcore. With that variants of elements in their music, they also categorized their music as “Edgy Djenty”, which they write and arrange their music as a millennials with modern urban life, depends on what they experience. The band influenced theirselves with many foreign Djent band, such as Periphery, Jinjer, Destiny Potato, Spiritbox, Shrezzers & Abstracts. Speaking of the history of the band itself, P.A.E actually began with the name of “Joker’s Diary” but due the reformation of the band member, Vincent decided to change the name with the new line & for the band rejuvenation to be “Party at Eden” with a discussion with other members. Despite from the old name of the band, changing it into a new one creates significant value of the band’s name. When they have experience something in their life, they consider their songs as their “Vibes” which means a real phenomenon that exist in this beautiful world. So basically, “Party at Eden” is a bunch of Millenials that create their own party by making songs which considered as their “Vibes” that they experience on modern life culture in this this world


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