Playfvl Cab

We are Playfvlcab alternative rock band indonesian.formed in 2014 based in Bandung, West Java.The band currenly consists of the lead vocalist Wiwendo Ramadony, Lead Guitar Krisna Rinaldi, Rythm Guitar Arief Ismail and Drummer Eres Kresna.

Finaly Playfvl Cab release debut Ep in November 2016.The simplicity of Playfvl Cab music is the main menu. Time has given them the best lesson about how to speak effectively to the world with their music.

Hide and Seek Ep to a different atmosphere, because you can feel the 90's rock touch in this song. Our song inspirated by "Rock" music era 1990 - 2000 then we combine it with the modern music. Hope we give the good vibes for our listener from many music that we made. enjoy it :)


Arief Ismail : 081221006208