Remember Our Story

Remember Our Story is a POWER pop band from Bandung, that was formed on 5 September with the formation Maretha (vocals) lia (bass) indra (guitar ), their meeting begins with the introductions between Maretha (vocals) and Jejen (guitar) of social networking sites. that of the friendship that they wanted to create the band that can pour out their emotions, but they are still looking for other personnel, that eventually lia (bass) joined the other is a friend of maretha, and lia was invited Indra (drum) which turned out friends in her school. and they were starting to gather although with the distances, but they are keep passionate to running the band. and finally REMEMBER OUR STORY ready to crush the ear with the formation Maretha (vocals) lia (bass) jejen (guitar) and Indra (drum). we call our genre power pop / easycore because we play the music with the upbeat tempo but with the simple chord and still easy listening, we also wanted inspired the music we played. we wanted to start our music with passion, imagination, and hope that we are have, we wanted our music would be accepted better in the ear, we asked support from you guys because we're nothing without you. we are ready to spoil your ears. HEAR AND FEEL OUR MUSIC WITH YOUR HEART. ENJOY!


085864665175 (Maretha)