• Ramses Bulsara

    Lead Vocal, Back Vocal
  • Wiku Makara

    Guitar, Synth, Program
  • Pravda

    Bass, Back Vocal
  • Arief Wings

    Drums, Back Vocal
  • Luthfi


RISE is an 80s music style based hard rock band which form by the most influencial front man & rock singer Ramses Jer Bulsara with his long time friend, the raw powerful extravagant drummer Arief Wings on mid.2016... In a short time, a young talented McKagan Style bass player, Pravda came along followed by one of notorious musical producer & Musical Instrument Reviewer Wiku Makara as lead guitar, ryhtm guitar, synth&program also become the band sole music engineer and producer. They start to have several local gigs also highschool art show (pensi) as their starter pack. They also put great vision by producing their first album which has been released together with Indonesian Record Store Day 2017, yet they still feel lack of sound so they added another Talented Richie Sambora from Suburban called Luthfi to fill Lead Guitar position... Now the five of them are ready to give the best rock show ever!!


0813 82040244 (Arif Zulfikar)