Sargas Galexia

Sargas Galexia is an Indonesian Pop-Alternative band from Bandung, formed in 27 november 2018, The band consist of : Vocals&Bass guitar : Rizal Subakri, Drums : Ramdhan Nugraha, Lead Guitar : Hilman Adi Prima, Rhythm Guitar : Shandyka Ronal Gilang Ramadhan, Sargas Galexia originally consist of three personnel : rizal, ramdhan and hilman. Later on, we invited shandyka ronal to join as an additional guitar filler due to the lackness in our music materials. Thus, needing some additional instruments to maximized the music itself. Why is it called Sargas Galexia? Sargas Galexia itself is a name of a two luminous gigantic sized stars. . . As brightly as our hopes, which is to become a musician who can produce a creation of our own to entertain and to be enjoyed by many people. With it having a certain quality, as the stars Sargas and Galexia.


RAMDHAN: 085798306580