Somniumsaic formed in May 2017 with the formation of Alexander (Vocals), Abimatha (Guitar), Rere (bass), and Meinard (drums). Starting from the first small stage at a university Faculty of Fisheries event Malang, and decided to start recording songs in early May 2020. It was quite a long time to start the first recording because of the busyness of each member to complete their education. A few months before we started recording, we played at a private campus event, and at that time we invited Sandy as an additional guitarist. At the beginning of the recording, Sandy entered as an official member of Somniumsaic, so the current formation is Alexander (Vocals), Abimatha (Guitar), Sandy (Guitar) Rere (bass), and Meinard (drums). The choice of the name Somniumsaic was initiated by the four initial personnel by combining two words, namely "Somnium" which means "dream" in Latin, and "Mosaic" which means "mosaic" or "collage". Overall Somniumsaic means Dream Mosaic or Dream Collage. Somniumsaic carries the Modern Metal genre. In general, we bring music with a new metal colour because in the future we will experiment with the genres that we carry, so the output we get is not completely metal.


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