Strikeback was founded in late 2010, the project of Pam "drums", Bie "Bass", Maink "guitar", and Panji "guitar", for standing together in hardcore line. At that time our name is "Handsome Brother", and we began to work the material. But apparently we haven't perfected because we have no vocalist. We are looking for a vocalist who suitable for us, and finally we found it. He was Anro “vocals”, actually he was a guitarist, but he was able to fill our emptiness. No longer than that, Bie “bass” want to change the name become “Dumber Colony”. After renaming it turns out, we felt the name is unsuitable for us. The impact in the band had a vacuum with a long time, so that on mid-2011 we gathered to discuss the appropriate name change for us. Finally we found a suitable name, “Strikeback”. Then we continued to gather song material whom delayed, and after that we recorded our demo, the titled is "Fight" and "We Are Hardcore From Bandung". But when our spirits was high, Anro "vocal" decided to resign in January . That decision make us almost shaky, but we respect the decision and keep the spirit for trying to find a replacement. Then we choose Yanri "Mental Force" to replace Anro, initially only as an additional player for us. However, because between we and him have a same purpose and he can motivate us to progress, so that we decided to sign him become member of “Strikeback”. Hopefully this is the last line up. Discograpy - DIbalik Institusi ( Single 2012 ) - BGMK Compilation - IndoHardcore Compilation - 2014 First Album "Rhetoric Of Rebellion"


Email :

No Hp : 081220712491

IG : Strikebac09