The Bakrie

  • Divo

    Voc / Harmonica / Tin Whistle
  • Dira

  • Satria

  • Habib

  • Lulu


The Bakrie is five extraordinary gentlemen from different planet who start their kinship through music since 2010. Consisting Divo as a fearless vocalist and other instrument (harmonica, tin whistle), Dira as a wild guitarist, Satria as a mr awesome guitar killer, Habib as an elegant bass driver, and Lulu as a hammering drummer for the beat. They take thick-beat-rock as a ground for the exploration of their music, that's how the way they develop their rock music dimensions.

Oemar Bakrie (the figure of a teacher in Iwan Fals's song) as a philosophy of naming their band, they believe that the limitation is not an obstacle in their attempt to achieving a dream. 

Until now, they continue to explore and develop their music among multifarious Indie galaxy.


Phone : 081312958598 / 081221188343 

Mail     :

IG        : @the.bakrie


Phone : '081312958598 / 081221188343

Mail     :

IG        : @the.bakrie