The Colleagues

The Colleagues is a four-piece indie-pop band from Bandung, Indonesia.

"The Colleagues sound the way they do because this is the music they love, they probably don't care about looking cool or hanging out in the right places. They're more concerned with making sure their songs are right, not their hair."

"Actually I do not have a lot of words to describe this album, because they have described it perfectly only by four words. Those words, you can see it in their EP title."

"This is a refreshing EP that hearkens back to the age of Brit-Pop band Ride. I love it."

"...Indonesia's The Colleagues play it so well and stand out with the warmth of their delivery."

"...together they want to make fresh, clean and easy-listening type of music, with a friendly indiepop aesthetic in mind."


Alam - 0878 8260 1523

Icha - 0857 2286 6006