The Heart Direction

Formation : Stand on 20 May 2009 with the formation: Vidi vocals, Viki guitar, ryan guitar and ivant drum. and get 2 songs, not long after Viki & ivant resign. formed again with the inclusion of "dimas" into the guitar. and after 2 months dimas, vidi and panca. resigned to continue his work. and the form now is: Aji Guitar/Vocal, Dini bass, Andri Keys/Synth, Ryan Drum. We will maintain to the end later. It's About Our Music : we want to make our music different from others can also be spelled different genre. we want to unify our music to fit your ear and make you comfortable with our song:) Mission : We Want to try to make you happy with our work or our songs. We Want to play in cities full of joy and for a lot of friends there and maybe it's in your city. Contact us if you are happy with our work and invite us in your events:)


AJI : +62 858-1709-1668