Trodon was formed in late 2013, consists of youngsters. The group dedicates themself to telling stories through their music, which is mainly about myth and fantasy like gods, dragons, monsters, angels, and many others. The group is focused on telling stories without compromising technical aspects of the instrument section. That is proven to be unique among any other bands. Afterall, the name trodon is taken from a small yet fast and intelligent dinosour; Troodon. So it won't be a surprise that such elements would also be displayed on the music. While relatively new on the local music scene, the group has performed on many community-based stages and had shared stages with many great musicians from both local & international performers. Some of the highlights are Salihara Jazzbuzz-Jazz frontier 2016, Solo Internasional Performing Arts (SIPA), Mahaswara 2016, Salihara Jazzbuzz-Jazz frontier 2018, and Artjog Festival 2018.


Biondy (ondy) : +62 812-8462-3236 Peter : +62 822-6969-9229 Caren : +62 812-1969-5339