• Galuh Yusnindar

  • Andre Kurniawan

  • Algie Sukma

    Lead Gitaris
  • Josua Panjaitan


Our band created at 2019 and turn become an alternative rock after we were take a rest for our educational reason, our band formed by Galuh Yusnindar (Bassist/Vocalist), Andre Kurniawan (Guitarist/Vocalist), Algie Sukma (Lead Guitarist), and Josua Panjaitan (Drumer). At January we were start to record our single, at January of 2021 we did record our first song that Andre wrote, it called "I don't know (what to do with myself this time)" it tells about Andre Quarter Life Crisis after he finished his college, and andre want to tells the listener for being productive while they are on their Quarter Life Crisis, and tells listener to be grateful for their life because life is beautiful if you do anything you want. At February we started to record our next single that Galuh wrote, it called "Window" and it tells about someone has a feeling to a girl, and this boy is not brave enough to tells his feeling, so window has a meaning that you can only saw how beautiful is your "world" outside, but you just already know you could only see your "world" outside from inside your room trough your window.


turnpikeband18@gmail.com / 082130288977