Bottlesmoker: Drawing Cities Decoding Chords #4 Singapore

Imagine the city that never sleeps, walking above the skyscrapers, in a series of big sheds.

Bottlesmoker has managed to describe Singapore through set of sound-hunting in the heart of the country. In the middle of the easy busy Singapore, we hit our target by completing one song that match perfectly with the feeling we always have for the Lion City.
At last, we have landed in the final step of DCDC Dream World tour and Singapore became the land to seal the whole journey. It has become a wonderful trip for Bottlesmoker, to observe four countries in different perspectives. We look for objects to record its sound, we seek for things to illustrate its story. Everything thing we did, every second we spent bounded by music. It's the part that makes us alive.
Feel free to download the songs!

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